Making custom fit ear gear commonplace.  Everywhere.

Enabling 3D Solutions through digital workflows for 3D printing

Custom Fit Personal Audio Enhancements 


Treat Your Ears!

Custom fit ear gear will fit products you already use.

Get measured once, get a perfect fit for your audio needs. People that Listen to music, and wear hearing aids;  musicians, shooting range users, and motorsport enthusiasts, all ask for Sonautics for protection and longer life.


Sonautics is a technology service provider that allows you to receive custom fit audio ear tips at some of your favorite retailers and stores.  

Does not fall out! Locks into place.

 Made to fit your ears perfectly


 Made to fit your ears perfectly.

Quality Sound!

Hear your music at higher fidelity because it blocks out noise.

Longer Battery Life

 Lower volumes will extend your battery life by 2 to 4 times!