Manufacturer and Custom Fitters

Our Technology Helps Our Customers Reach


Sonautics has developed multiple offerings that enable manufacturing of custom fit ear gear, on demand, in or near retail stores, using technology and services.

In-store 3D Scanning - SonaScan℠

Technology services

Ear impression scanning (demanded by existing market)

Direct ear scanning (to reach larger consumer market)

CAD in the Cloud - SonaCAD℠ 

The ability to convert Scans to ready-to-3D-print models

Converts each ear model to many ear tip models for different headset styles.

In-store 3D Printing - SonaPrint℠

Technology services

In-store 3D Printer service

Local 3D printing service bureaus

Data in the Cloud - SonaData℠

Cloud Stored Technology

Providing Sonautics and its customers stored information for customer billing, statistical information, and res on file for additional products.

Customer Requirements Profile

The custom manufacturer wants minimum changes to their manufacturing process, and maximum reduction of cost and effort in their logistics. 


The fitter wants a simple system that is faster and more convenient than shipping, and an ability to attract new consumers. 


The end user wants a better fit and quicker turnaround for custom fit. 


Everyone wants greater efficiency and lower pricing!