Our technology increases our customer's reach.

Sonautics has developed multiple offerings that enable manufacturing of custom fit ear gear, on demand, in or near retail stores, using technology and services.

Sonautics Suite of Integrated Services


In-store 3D Scanning - SonaScan℠

Technology services

Ear impression scanning (demanded by existing market)

Direct ear scanning (to reach larger consumer market)

CAD in the Cloud - SonaCAD℠ 

The ability to convert Scans to ready-to-3D-print models

From the consumer's ear scan we create custom audio products for an unlimited number of headset styles.

In-store 3D Printing - SonaPrint℠

Technology services

In-store 3D Printer service

Local 3D printing service bureaus

Data in the Cloud - SonaData℠

Cloud Stored Technology

Providing Sonautics and its customers stored information for customer billing, statistical information, and res on file for additional products.

The Sonautics System

The Sonautics system is not necessarily about technology it is about results.  We deliver to our customer looking to provide custom audio products and accessories to their consumer the opportunity to lower operating costs, larger sales volume and to expand their customer base. 


In the retail sector our system allows our customer to reach new consumers and to provide for mass customization on a broad scale with quick turnaround.  We can also increase the number of individual consumer contacts for our retailers.  


Our lower cost solution allows for placement of technology at point of sale.  POS or near POS proximity opens up a wide variety of consumer and product opportunities and creativity.  


What is unique about Sonautics’ technology?  We change the logistics.  We have applied photogrammetry in ways that have not been used before.  We have applied existing technologies in different ways. We offer an end to end solution for both the suppliers of medical and professional audio products and we allow for mass customization at the retail level.  We have blended software with our own design, dedicated Sonautics scanner that is fast and has no moving parts.  At the POS that provides ease of operation and reliability.  



A favorite quote from one of our founders, Steve Haber, is, “ If you can’t hit a curve ball, don’t swing at curve balls”.






Custom Fit Tips Versus Stock Tips

The Sonautics service enables different brand ear tips to use custom fit tips in their products instead of stock tips.  Custom tips for most in-ear products are readily available in retail stores the same or next day, at an affordable price.  This allows the retailer to offer the consumer a product and service heretofore unavailable.  The users of stock tips today can easily switch to custom fit tips for comfort and performance reasons. 


This is what makes Sonautics unique in offering the public performance, ease and immediate availability.

Professional Audio




Customer Requirements Profile for the Manufacturer

The custom manufacturer wants minimum changes to their manufacturing process, and maximum reduction of cost and effort in their logistics. 


The fitter wants a simple system that is faster and more convenient than shipping, and an ability to attract new consumers. 


The end user wants a better fit and quicker turnaround for custom fit. 


Everyone wants greater efficiency and lower pricing!